Wild animal blank photo greeting cards using my photographs

Wild animal blank photo greeting cards using my photographs.


Tiger eyes and a baby lion cub takes a nap photographs

Went to the zoo today and brought these two cuties home with me.  I am selling them in my etsy store here; https://www.etsy.com/shop/LDphotography?ref=si_shop   You can order them in any size you want.  I love them.ImageImageGod makes beautiful creatures/  enjoy!  Here are two more photographs of the two lion cubs playing in the hills.tiger sit neg face wm tiger sit5x7 wm

blue collage ( now gifts from the Sea) free mixed media collage tutorial, part 3

I have added micro beads in clear, blue and gold and diamond dust with clear glue to the clay sections Image  An have started to glue down shells ( E6000 glue works)  and embellishments to the clay sections; making sure that I use enough glue to hold them in place and that they are not too heavy for the clay substrate.Image If you look at the tutorial part 2, the shells and the ideas for composition have changed some.  I decided to paint some of the shells that form the outline from the sea to the sand.  I am also playing around with fish and turtle charms to see if I want to use these to connect the two largest sections of the clay substrate.  Stay tuned for the final part of this tutorial.