Renaissance beauty in green flower mixed media collage art journal page

Still experimenting with this grunge art journal page.  Wanted to juxtaposition the bright greens with the art card of one of Botticelli’s renaissance beauties.  Made with flowers, stencils, an art card that I made . I used spray paints and metallic paints, tissue papers, and Swarovski crystals.Image

blue collage ( now gifts from the Sea) free mixed media collage tutorial, part 3

I have added micro beads in clear, blue and gold and diamond dust with clear glue to the clay sections Image  An have started to glue down shells ( E6000 glue works)  and embellishments to the clay sections; making sure that I use enough glue to hold them in place and that they are not too heavy for the clay substrate.Image If you look at the tutorial part 2, the shells and the ideas for composition have changed some.  I decided to paint some of the shells that form the outline from the sea to the sand.  I am also playing around with fish and turtle charms to see if I want to use these to connect the two largest sections of the clay substrate.  Stay tuned for the final part of this tutorial.

blue collage ( now gifts from the Sea) free mixed media collage tutorial, part 2

I rolled out air dried clay and cut it into 4 pieces.  I added rolls of clay to make a sea shore and sand area on two of the largest pieces.  I took different stamps to make textures in the sand areas and let the clay dry overnight.Image  Then I places sea shells from Hawaii on the dried clay to get an idea of how I might want to make the composition.  This is just an idea and may not be how the collage actually turns out. Image The next step is to paint the sand and the ocean sections of the dried clay.  I used a variety of metallic paints ( lumiere metallic paint, Inka metallic rub, Mary Stewart paint) ; you can see them on the side of this photo.ImageWhen the paint dried, I sprayed the clay pieces and the canvas substrate with a glossy sealing varnish.  Now I am ready to start to embellish the collage.  This is the fun creative part since I let the collage talk to me about how it should be finished. lol

grunge Mixed media collage inspired by the artist Finnabair of my Aunt Marge my heroine

I love Finnabair’s work ( here is a link to one of her youtube videos and so I tried my hand at this grunge style mixed media collage with the subject of my Aunt Marge.  She grew up in the depression and was a young woman in WWII.  She came from a very poor family and graduated from UC Berkley with a BS.  She was a wonderful wife and mother and hostess.  My father ( her brother) was famous for calling about 5 hours from her house and announcing that we would be arriving soon.  She never looked flustered by this and always welcomed us even at midnight!  I loved her and she was my model of how to be a successful woman even when life makes it hard for you.  Hope you enjoy this collage.ImageImage In this corner I put in objects that related to her life;  airplane, bike, children, school items.

free mixed media art journal tutorial ; how to make a hot glue frame and paint it

I am always trying to use my materials in my studio in a new way ( probably because i have so many materials in my studio this is necessary lol}  so the other day I had this great idea; how about making a swirling frame for one of my pages in my 2014 art journal with hot glue and paint them with Viva Inka Metallic rubs ( got these at Joanne’s).  So here are the pictures in this free tutorial  that show you how to do this simple technique that I think turned out well.

First make your page and then heat up your glue gun.  Make sure that you have a fresh sticlk of glue in and that it is really hot.  Then draw swirls or whatever you want around the item you want to frame.  If you run out of glue just put in a new stick and pick up where you left off.

Now comes the really fun part…after it dries take your metallic rubs, chose one and rub your finger in it and gently daub the rub on the top of the glue frame.  I used Gold, steel blue and copper to make this frame.  You can see the results .  I love it and I plan to try some other hot glue and metallic rubs in my art journal.  I will put them up as they are created.  The saying in the photo was given to me  by my husband  He found it online ( sorry I do not know who wrote it) and said that it is me right down to my stained fingers.

If you have any suggestions of how to do this better or differently please leave a comment.  It is so fun to learn from other artists.ImageImageImageImageImageglueframe7