how to make a stained glass door embellishment with Spellbinders Edwardian door die cut and foil do it yourself

Just got a Sizzix big shot and went crazy with die cuts and embossing folders.  Here is one of my favorite Spellbinders Edwardian door die cut.  I made these stained glass doors embellishments from it to use in my mini journals, scrapbooks and greeting cards.  I thought I would do a tutorial on how to make one

First I cut the door with the Sizzix and the Spellbinder die. door cover

staindoor tut 8 then I pushed out the holes in the card stock.  Next I made the material for the stained glass insert.  I used alcohol inks, spray air and foil and wax paper.  I dropped the ink on the foil and sprayed with the air can to make different designs.  I did the say with the waxed paper.  The foil insert is shinier than the wax paper insert;  I use them both depending on what effect I want to get in my project.staindoor tut 7staindoor tut 6  I cut a sample of the size I needed to fit the colored insert onto the back of the door.staindoor tut 4  and then glued it with glossy accents ( you can use any liquid glue that you like).staindoor tut 2  When it is dried I decorate the door with paint and./or other embellishments.staindoor tut 1Here are some examples of how I used them;xmasdoor 5 xmasdoor coverHope this helps.

Getting ready to retire, a time of transition

We are getting ready to retire and do some traveling.  It is harder to do than I thought.  We are going through all of our things and paring down.  It is amazing how many things one acquires in a house when you have lived there for over 20 years.  I am finding things I had completely forgot about…lol.  
But on a serious side , it is sad, it is almost like a “little death” has occurred.  i guess the word is bittersweet.  I am looking forward to the new adventures but am sad to end this period of my life.  Work is all I have known for 40 years.  What will  I be without my title?  Perhaps. I have lost a sense of self in that title? I do not know but I do know that this is a time of transition. 2014 cover