starting new 2014 art journal smash book

For the last two years I have started to seriously journal and smash at least once a week.  You would not think that is so hard to do but finding the time and inspiration is sometimes difficult.  Here is the cover of the new journal that I just finished   I made a digital photo background on PSE  then I added some tissue paper to make some layers on the bottom.  I added wood cutouts of people to represent my family, gears, stars and the year 2014.  I painted all of them.  The clock is a metal embellishment and then I put Swarovski crystals to make the cover sparkle.  I put the collage on a piece of vintage paper and added a Graphic 45 ruler on the bottom.  The title of the journal is “2014 ; a year for change and travel”.  We shall see what it brings.  I will try to document the pages here in my blog.  Good luck to you and your families this year.ImageImageeImage

Hello 2014 , I want to share with you my evolution to creative and juicy living

I wanted to look at all the changes that have happened to me since 2008 when I opened my Etsy shop;  ldphotography.  This is a travel log of my Artistic evolution.

 I started out listing my photographs in my Etsy shop.  I had been taking photographs as a serious hobby  for about 30 years and had
Very quickly I got to know some of the other creative people on Etsy and began to realize that I did not have forever to explore my creative side ( I am approaching retirement which made me think about what amount of time I have left) .  So I started to evolve and discover my artistic world.   

What could I do with my photographs to make them useful for everyday enjoyment not to just hang on a wall?   I started to expand my product line.  I made photo magnetic bookmarks, photo ACEOS, photo pendants on rummy-O game tiles, ceramic photo coasters and photo greeting cards.

 Then I discovered mixed media collage and started making collage ACEOS ( art cards), and that led to learning how to make mixed media art and travel journals. I discovered on youtube how to alter old books and make them into journals or smash books. What fun, gesso, metallic paints and vintage paper and prints.

 Since I  needed  vintage paper and prints  in my collage and journal work,  I started looking in thrift stores and estate sales for old broken books.  I discovered that I like collecting and selling vintage books , old maps, and art prints.

Oh my gosh, there were all kinds of interesting items being sold at estate sales.  I got the privilege of seeing the memories and artifacts of some interesting people.  Their treasured items reflected their memories from long ago. What an insight into some ordinary people with some extraordinary experiences.  One couple, whose sale I attended, had traveled all over the world. There were small gems among their memorabilia.  Some of those treasured  items I have kept, but some I have listed in my shop.

On a note of reality, I am a psychologist and I still work in my private practice but only part time now.   I am helping my patients live a more fulfilling life because of my own road to discovery.

I hope that by sharing  my creative evolution it  will help you understand  why there are so many different items in my shop.

 My wish for you is to discover your creative and juicy life force and revel in it.  My  hope for me is to continue to evolve and explore my world and share some of the more interesting discoveries with you.ImageImageImageImage