Free tutorial Altered book art journal

moongoddess-cover-redo  Here is the process; I start with an old book that I thin out every 3rd page. Then I glue 3 pages of the book together to make a strong base for the art work. I use white gesso to paint every page and let them dry. Finally comes the fun part. I paint each page with metallic  (lumiere paints)and glitter paints making a book with a rainbow of colors.moon   goddess 1.jpgI added a hand made pocket with a tag here.moon-goddess-3

Then I put pieces of my art work, Graphic 45 paper, envelops, tags, stamps, clips and other items on the inside pages of the altered book.moongoddress-1 This is one of my handmade tags.

The cover is made by cutting an oval and placing the photo in the inside cover.  The back  cover is also  texturized  ( with glue and tissue paper) , gesso, stained and painted. The gears, the clock and the key are added with gesso.  I touched up with distress inks and gold foil swirls. There are 8 Swarovski AB crystals. I have added a ribbon closure to keep all your art work safely insidemoongoddess-tie. The Image of the Moon Goddess is one of my original metallic photo composites.

Hope you enjoy the photos and the altered book.   I make about one of these a month and sell them when they are done in my Etsy store;

This book was sold right away.


If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will answer them.  Happy creating!

A #portfolio / journal using #Tim Holtz collection folio as a template

I purchased a #Tim Holtz collection portfolio the other day at Joanne’s.  I thought what can you do with this?  Well quite a lot.  I used it as a template and recycled some pressed board I had at home and made this #steam punk portfolio and journal with lots of my  distress inks and paint supplies.  I think this is a wonderful format that can be made to hold a single event ( a special trip) or season   ( Fall ) in an innovative format.

I added two sets of layered pages ( one on each side) to hold photos or journal insights.  The entire portfolio can be closed with the two velco holders and can expand to fit whatever you want to put inside it.

This item is available in my etsy shop; 5_edited-1portfolio 6steamfolio 1 steamfolio 2 steamfolio

Easy and quick Photo fold outs for a journal, smash book, or scrapbook page tutorial

Still working on ways to quickly and easily make photo fold outs for art journals or smash books or scrapbooks.  Sometimes I have just a little time to work in my art journal and I just want to add a photo in a way that is a  little different than just sticking it in with tape.   Here are two simple ideas to use that just require folding and tape.


Image  Fairy fold out;  Just fold a piece of decorator card stock and stamp a fairy or anything on top.

Imagethis is a piece of Graphic 45 paper stock that I cut out and made a window fold out for my journal.

Both of these ideas take less than 10 minutes to do but add an extra dimension to your work.  Happy creating !  Linda

Hello 2014 , I want to share with you my evolution to creative and juicy living

I wanted to look at all the changes that have happened to me since 2008 when I opened my Etsy shop;  ldphotography.  This is a travel log of my Artistic evolution.

 I started out listing my photographs in my Etsy shop.  I had been taking photographs as a serious hobby  for about 30 years and had
Very quickly I got to know some of the other creative people on Etsy and began to realize that I did not have forever to explore my creative side ( I am approaching retirement which made me think about what amount of time I have left) .  So I started to evolve and discover my artistic world.   

What could I do with my photographs to make them useful for everyday enjoyment not to just hang on a wall?   I started to expand my product line.  I made photo magnetic bookmarks, photo ACEOS, photo pendants on rummy-O game tiles, ceramic photo coasters and photo greeting cards.

 Then I discovered mixed media collage and started making collage ACEOS ( art cards), and that led to learning how to make mixed media art and travel journals. I discovered on youtube how to alter old books and make them into journals or smash books. What fun, gesso, metallic paints and vintage paper and prints.

 Since I  needed  vintage paper and prints  in my collage and journal work,  I started looking in thrift stores and estate sales for old broken books.  I discovered that I like collecting and selling vintage books , old maps, and art prints.

Oh my gosh, there were all kinds of interesting items being sold at estate sales.  I got the privilege of seeing the memories and artifacts of some interesting people.  Their treasured items reflected their memories from long ago. What an insight into some ordinary people with some extraordinary experiences.  One couple, whose sale I attended, had traveled all over the world. There were small gems among their memorabilia.  Some of those treasured  items I have kept, but some I have listed in my shop.

On a note of reality, I am a psychologist and I still work in my private practice but only part time now.   I am helping my patients live a more fulfilling life because of my own road to discovery.

I hope that by sharing  my creative evolution it  will help you understand  why there are so many different items in my shop.

 My wish for you is to discover your creative and juicy life force and revel in it.  My  hope for me is to continue to evolve and explore my world and share some of the more interesting discoveries with you.ImageImageImageImage

Great idea…. DIY Paper clay embellishments for mixed media artists

I have discovered paper clay and molds for my mixed media work. Martha Stewart just came out with some started kits that have everything you need to make paper clay embellishments. I love polymer clay but it is so heavy, has to have a dedicated oven, and the set up and clean up takes me lots of time.

The good things about the paper clay is that the items are really light weight and can be affixed to a substrate like paper. They can be painted, dusted with perfect pearls, have glitter added to it and …. they cure over night in the air.

ImageImage Needless to say, I got out my clay molds , my paints and my imagination and went to work at my craft desk. Here is a sample of some of the easy embellishments that I made. There are also 2 examples of how I used the flowers, stems and leaves Image in an art journal that I am making. I will start to experiment with more challenging designs next. I will take photos and post how I am making these in my next blog. Fun, fun, fun

DIY homemade modeling paste easy and cheap

I am very excited because I have been playing around with homemade modeling paste.  It is quite fun to use stencils and slather on some white paste on a collage page and lift off the stencil and see the magical white impressions on the page.  I got this home made recipe from a video by gauchealchemy on you tube.  It works great and it saves soooo much money to make it yourself.  So here is the recipe ( you can also look up the video if you want to see it made)

one air tight container

one part white acrylic paint

one part talc powder baby powder ( $1 at the dollar store)

1/2 part white glue or mod  podge ( this is what I used)  It will end up with the consistency of frosting ( do not eat it lol)

stir a lot ….. put stencil down on heavy weight paper and spread the paste over the stencil and lift straight up.  Wait to let it dry or dry with your heat gun.    Wash your stencils and utensils right away, this stuff dries hard.


Update:  I have been working more with this recipe and for me I have added one and half part talc powder to make it thicker.  This is up to you.  The original recipe is like light modeling paste and the one with more powder is more like regular modeling paste.  Just experiment with it until you like the results.  Hope this helps.

Here is a video showing you how to use modelling paste;

Just look at the photos to see how easy it is.ImageImageImageImageImageImage