free mixed media art journal tutorial ; how to make a hot glue frame and paint it

I am always trying to use my materials in my studio in a new way ( probably because i have so many materials in my studio this is necessary lol}  so the other day I had this great idea; how about making a swirling frame for one of my pages in my 2014 art journal with hot glue and paint them with Viva Inka Metallic rubs ( got these at Joanne’s).  So here are the pictures in this free tutorial  that show you how to do this simple technique that I think turned out well.

First make your page and then heat up your glue gun.  Make sure that you have a fresh sticlk of glue in and that it is really hot.  Then draw swirls or whatever you want around the item you want to frame.  If you run out of glue just put in a new stick and pick up where you left off.

Now comes the really fun part…after it dries take your metallic rubs, chose one and rub your finger in it and gently daub the rub on the top of the glue frame.  I used Gold, steel blue and copper to make this frame.  You can see the results .  I love it and I plan to try some other hot glue and metallic rubs in my art journal.  I will put them up as they are created.  The saying in the photo was given to me  by my husband  He found it online ( sorry I do not know who wrote it) and said that it is me right down to my stained fingers.

If you have any suggestions of how to do this better or differently please leave a comment.  It is so fun to learn from other artists.ImageImageImageImageImageglueframe7