2 thoughts on “More shell art to give away; it was raining all day yesterday

  1. Linda, have you ever worked with beach glass, or is it just too difficult to find enough to do anything with?

    I used to collect beach glass with my son when he was little. It took a while, but we wound up with about a half-dozen mason jars filled with all different colors (and that was before we visited glass beach near Fort Bragg, CA, where the entire beach is made up almost entirely of glass).

    I was just curious how you choose your mediums after seeing this article about doing something with shells.



    • Sorry for the late reply Jeff. We are in Europe now and I have been busy with my other site, Senior Gap Year. There was not much beach glass in Rosarito but there were lots of shells. I just needed glue and glitter and I was set to try my hand at something new. Linda


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