Gordon Lightfoot…reflections on a sad concert and the passage of time , Sept. 2014

gordon-lightfoot-241x3486350223311_799cc65eab_zGordon Lightfoot, A man who was so beautiful in his voice and his body. Today he is  a hollowed out shell of an singer and a man.  I was almost afraid he would pass out on stage he was so thin and frail.  Time and illness had taken its toll on sweet Gordon and it reminded me that I must seize the day and keep living every moment.

He was singing to his faithful last night and we did not care how he sounded. We just want to slip back in our memories and remember our beautiful young bodies and our lost loves.  Musical shadows of the “lazyday” 1970s.

I was one of them, sitting  there waiting to hear the  gems of his famous hits that he doled out carefully between songs that were unfamiliar to me.  Sadly he mumbled most of the lyrics so I could not  enjoy his song writing talents that were captured in these unknown songs.

I wished that he would only play the songs that I knew so that I could  help to soft the cracks in his voice by singing the chorus with him.  It was a  sad concert for both of us.

Sad because when he talked you could  hear that his spirit and sense of humor was still young. I believed that the audience identified with him in varying ways.  I think that we  all felt  that  under our gray hair and wrinkled faces that we were still young when we heard his music.  That is probably the reason why we sat there under the stars last night and remembered sweeter times and heard his beautiful voice in our hearts.

4 thoughts on “Gordon Lightfoot…reflections on a sad concert and the passage of time , Sept. 2014

  1. Came here via Pinterest. 🙂
    I read this review and it brought me to tears. I find the passage of time most evident when I see an entertainer I’ve loved for my life, looking as you have described. It reminds me they will always young (and healthy) in my heart, but time moves on for everyone. Even the ones who mark our own decades.
    From another who was in high school and college in the 70s.


  2. I wish Gordon …Good spaces in far away places..And thank him for all the beautiful music and memories from the 70’s. Even though he was sad and often a tortured soul. Too bad he couldn’t have found true love and happiness with one women. Instead of just only his music. One of the main things in life is to love and be loved.
    May God Bless Him and keep him safe!


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