life is fragile revisited thoughts about our connections with each other

I wrote a blog entry a couple of weeks ago called Life is fragile.  It was about my friend who had  stomach cancer being in hospice.  Julie died last Friday evening. I cried. Such a loss of a gentle spirit and a stunning talent.  Her husband made the announcement on Facebook and I was surprised to read  all the comments from people all over the world who loved Julie and her work.  It made me realize how we impact one another on a global scale now with the internet and social media.  I wonder if Julie would have been surprised to see how many people took the time to write something beautiful and comforting to her family.  I wonder if she would be surprised to see how deeply her presence and her work affected people she only knew through her Etsy shop or the internet.

Then I began to wonder how many people know about me and my work.  Does my work leave a lasting impact on other people’s lives?  I know that my work as a psychotherapist has impacted many people and I hope for the good.  But does my artistic work also leave a footprint in the life of others?  I suppose that seeing one of my photographs in my Etsy shop or on Facebook or ImageImageFickr sends a fleeting impression to the viewer’s mind about some remembered moment in their lives.  And that is probably enough, to offer that moment of pleasure, wonder or reminiscence to a person that I know or that I have never met.  We all seem to be influencing each other all the time with our shared experiences and images in this time of instant communication.   The world is changing and becoming more inclusive.  The stunning amount of comments about Julie on the internet is a concrete example of how we are all changing and becoming more connected in ways that I could not have imagined even 15 year ago.


2 thoughts on “life is fragile revisited thoughts about our connections with each other

  1. I am so sorry to read about the loss of your friend, Linda. I caught your post a few weeks back when you learned the news of the seriousness of the cancer. And yes, Our art definitely connects us to people all over the world who we’ll likely never meet in person. For me it definitely forms a common bond and I’ve met fascinating people thru the internet. I’m not so sure any particular piece of my artwork or craft enriches a soul, but I hope my enthusiasm and passion help make someone’s day better. I know how I feel when I read about someone’s excitement in an accomplishment, I’ve been there and I feel like a cheerleader whose team just won when I share in good news from others. It enriches my day and keeps the bad news at bay. There is something to be said in the meme’s that encourage us to remove the negativity and drama around us. Watching others grow and share their excitement is such a delightful moment. And if a piece of art has an effect on others in a positive way all the better!!


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