DIY homemade modeling paste easy and cheap

I am very excited because I have been playing around with homemade modeling paste.  It is quite fun to use stencils and slather on some white paste on a collage page and lift off the stencil and see the magical white impressions on the page.  I got this home made recipe from a video by gauchealchemy on you tube.  It works great and it saves soooo much money to make it yourself.  So here is the recipe ( you can also look up the video if you want to see it made)

one air tight container

one part white acrylic paint

one part talc powder baby powder ( $1 at the dollar store)

1/2 part white glue or mod  podge ( this is what I used)  It will end up with the consistency of frosting ( do not eat it lol)

stir a lot ….. put stencil down on heavy weight paper and spread the paste over the stencil and lift straight up.  Wait to let it dry or dry with your heat gun.    Wash your stencils and utensils right away, this stuff dries hard.


Update:  I have been working more with this recipe and for me I have added one and half part talc powder to make it thicker.  This is up to you.  The original recipe is like light modeling paste and the one with more powder is more like regular modeling paste.  Just experiment with it until you like the results.  Hope this helps.

Here is a video showing you how to use modelling paste;

Just look at the photos to see how easy it is.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


25 thoughts on “DIY homemade modeling paste easy and cheap

  1. Thank you very much. Wonderful to find this recipe. Cant wait to try it.. Much cheaper then Golden products which l’ve used for years. I’m going to add some interesting stuff to mine, ie: glitter, paper pieces and other things.


  2. Hi there i wonder is there any way to keep the rest of my paste wet for long because after 10 days in the airtight jar is dry ….


    • I just add water and stir but to be honest mine only dries out on the top by the lid of the jar, the inside stays soft. There are several different recipes for this type of modeling paste on youtube, perhaps you would have more luck with one of those. Take care


    • I dry it with my heating tool and if it is not too thick it dries very quickly. If it is on thick , I let it air dry for one day to make sure it is dry. Hope this helps. Linda


  3. If I’m going to paint this ‘clay’ can I just skip the white paint – oooh, or use a color paint for colored clay??!!


    • I do not know if you can do that. I would think they might be too soft to lift off. I do have used air dried clay in a way to use as a stand alone embellishment. Let me know if it works.


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