The Artists’ problem; work for money vs. work on what you love; art

I am sitting here today looking at my studio ( which needs reorganizing again) and feeling the time pressure to leave it to get ready for my “real” job ( the one that I make money to live on).  For me this is a constant pressure.  I feel wonderful when my hands are full of paint and glue making my mixed media art journals but I cannot live on the income ( almost none) from them.  I want to read all the new articles on mixed media on the net and try some new techniques but where is the time to do this?????

Some of you must feel the same way.  Please leave a comment, it would help me feel less frustrated.  🙂Image


4 thoughts on “The Artists’ problem; work for money vs. work on what you love; art

  1. Hi Linda. I do feel your pain/frustration. I don’t do the type of artistic work that you do, but I do write, and that’s my art. I’m the one that wants to include the post about one of your journals. I have three different people so far, looking for one, maybe two more.
    I live on SSD because of my MS. It’s peanuts and I would like to make more, either with my writing, or with the Etsy store I’ve been working on opening up for a long time now (selling vintage books). I do not have time, nor energy, for everything (includes taking care of the house!). And I’m starting another blog! Sorry, I have no advice, just commissary! Oh, yea, one thing: Hang In There!!
    I’ll be in touch with you soon about the post 🙂


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