Little Golden Books have captured me !

I have been taken over by Little Golden Books. I remember reading them as a child and I always enjoyed the colorful illustrations. I am sure my parent loved the inexpensive prices ( sometimes only 25 cents). But alas, I did not keep any of the books from my childhood. Now I collect them. It is hard to find first editions in good shape , so I often collect older editions of titles until I can find a first edition. Because they are not first editions, I love to share these books with my nieces and nephews and keep the family tradition alive and well in 2013. When and if I am blessed with grandchildren I will pass this treasure on and hope that they will do the same for their children. The good things about this type of collection is that 1) it does not take up much space to store, 2) I have so much fun reading them to the children in my life, and 3) the thrill of finding a book at the thrift store is like a little treasure hunt. They are still not very expensive. I find that even older editions are often $5 or less on ebay or etsy. ImageImageImage So here are some photos of some of my treasures. I sell the extra ones I find in my etsy store; drop by and see these vintage gems from childhood

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